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Coatl Warriors

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Coatl Warriors act as the close assault / shock troops of the Tzacol forces.  Like all Tzacol warriors, they are equipped with weaponry and equipment far more advanced than anything available to the other races of the Galaxy.  The weapons employed by the Coatl Warriors are known as Macuahuitl - and when activated, generate a powerful displacement field which warps anything it contacts into another dimension, in an entirely random timeline.  These weapons simply "erase" any matter they carve through - rendering most protective methods completely useless.  Coatl Warriors employ the same technology for defense using their displacement shields.  In skilled hands, these shields warp all incoming fire, regardless of how powerful, into another existence, leaving their user completely unharmed.

A Tzacol Coatl Warriors Squad contains a random assortment of 25 7mm Tzacol Coatl Warrior models, 5 poses.

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